Where is the lash wash made?
Our Made for Lashes Purifying Lash Wash is made locally in Melbourne.

Where are my products shipped from?
Your products will be shipped from our warehouse in Springvale, Victoria with the upmost care.

Is the lash wash organic?
Our Purifying Lash Wash is not certified organic, however it is created using certified organic products.

Is the lash wash just for lashes?
Our Purifying Lash Wash has multiple uses. Whilst predominately being a lash wash, it can also be used as a daily facial cleanser and makeup remover.

How long will a bottle of lash wash last?
One bottle of Purifying Lash Wash should last at least 45 days when cleansing twice daily.

Is Citric Acid OKAY for your skin?
Citric Acid is safe and contains many benefits to support skin health! It works as a chemical exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy regrowth to even out skin tone.